There and Nowhere: Kellyville, New South Wales

‘There and Nowhere’ is a photographic project examining suburban sprawl in Sydney, Australia. It focuses on ‘Homeworld’, a neighborhood development program in Kellyville, NSW. Kellyville is the western frontier of Sydney’s sprawling metropolis. It’s where you’ll find Homeworld’s display neighborhoods no. 1-6, a median housing price of AU$665,000, insufficient public transport and a 45min drive to central Sydney. Homeworld is a residential testing ground; it’s built from the guidance of what has sold, and what might sell better next time.  It is an artifact of changing suburban dreams in Australia; a living showroom of the complex relationship between dreams and reality, between advertisement and product. Kellyville was originally known as ‘There and Nowhere’, then called ‘Irish Town’, because of its large Irish immigrant population. Kellyville has always been on the fringes, but sprawling Sydney has finally reached it and is pushing outward.  Rolling clear-cut hills are making way for more construction all around as the edge moves outward and the land is swallowed in the wake.