About Amanda

Amanda Ortland is a designer and photographer currently living in Los Angeles, CA. Amanda received a Master of Architecture degree from Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation following a BA in History and Photography. She has worked with Jean Nouvel in Paris, Sydney and New York on numerous competitions and built projects.

Amanda’s work focuses on the built environment through photographic explorations and architectural proposals. The photographic essays are grounded in research and repetition. Different from a set of travel photographs, which are valuable in their own way, they are not only a record or a set of observations. They explore an issue that interests Amanda with a more complex response by a prolonged period of inquiry. Photography allows distance and criticality towards environments and it enables a larger, more focused discussion. It enriches architecture in that it can allow us to stay with the problems longer by looking deeply at what is already there.

In the best case, architecture begins with a set of hopes and desires for a place to end up better than it was left. We consider complex social, historical, economic, and environmental factors to form ideas about how we can improve the people’s lives that will inhabit our sites. The more factors we consider and envelop, the richer the projects and their surrounding environments become. A good project will create a ripple effect around it for decades to come and can significantly change the quality of people’s lives and their involvement in their communities. A desire to understand and give back is at the foundation of Amanda’s photographic and architectural explorations.

Prior to finishing her studies she printed large-scale exhibition photographs for several high-profile artists such as Bruce Davidson, Diana Michener, Vera Lutter, Katherine Turczan, and many others. Her work has been published in GA Document #129, El Croquis #183, and Frame Magazine #99, Time Magazine and The New York Times.

Amanda can be contacted at amandaortland@gmail.com